A Program of Old School Lives Inc.

The TyLeen T Weber FoReVeR Fund is a contribute to memorialize, honor and carry on the legacy of TyLeen.

Strengthening Education, Fine Arts and Self Respect by incorporating the many interests that TyLeen was passionate about into fun community building events, which will in return fund scholarships and many inspiring projects on several different levels.

Your involvement is key in the success of helping others. Have fun, participate, volunteer, donate and help make dreams come true.

Believe - Once you believe dreams come true you get an advantage between importance and the unacceptable.  
Meaning: Once you realize that dreams come true you will know what to do and what not to do to achieve that dream.  by TyLeen
Limit - Don't allow the impossible to limit your freedom or your personality.  
Meaning:Don't let anything hold you back or change who you are.  by TyLeen